Critical Kush Harvest #1

Day 56 has come, they have had their 24 hour dark period and its time to get busy. join me as i harvest what ive grown. get the final look before harvest and really see the color.

type: Indica
height: short
Cloning + recovery: 21 days ( had tep probs so they didnt take properly at first )
Veg time: 16 days
flower time: 55days
harvested: 56 days
genetics: Critical Mass X O.G. Kush
plant amount: 8
pot size: 5ltr
medium: coco compost 70% – pearlite 30%
space: 1x1x2m tent
bulb/lamp: syvania 400w hps
ballast: maxibright digi pro 400w
extraction: 4″ carbon filter system


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